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Teaching and learning

At Babinda P-12 State School continuous learning is expected of every student in every classroom and we believe that with a strong focus on explicit teaching, practice and effective feedback, every student can learn further knowledge and skills, and the understanding to apply these purposefully to challenging tasks.

Teachers at Babinda P-12 State School utilise nationally recognised excellence in teaching and learning practices to ensure that they set high expectations, have a deep knowledge of the subjects they teach, ensure high performance by delivering targeted teaching and utilise continuous monitoring to ensure a rich understanding of the student as a person and a learner, they use feedback to ensure students know where and how to improve.

Furthermore, as part of Babinda P-12 State Schools explicit teaching model our teachers systematically and consistently challenge all students to think, by:

  • Using a range of questioning techniques to engage students in inquiry and deepen the thinking that occurs.
  • Leading them to make links between different aspects of their knowledge—to recognise connections and patterns.
  • Holding substantive conversations
  • Developing all students’ ability to manage and improve their own learning.

To ensure that our excellence in teaching practices are embedded across the school, teachers willingly submit to regular coaching and observation sessions with administration, as well as regular professional development, to ensure that Babinda P-12 State Schools teaching practices are cutting edge and therefore yield the greatest learning improvements for our students.