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Testing and assessment

Assessment and reporting

Teachers at Babinda P-12 State School examine student responses closely to determine the areas in which students need specific support and intervention. In this way teachers know clearly what students know and can do with what they know and can therefore respond appropriately.

Our system and sequence of assessment for learning at Babinda P-12 State School comprises the following practices:

  • Providing effective feedback to students with explicit advice about how they can improve.
  • Actively involving students in their own learning (for example, discussions with students about what they need to learn and what they themselves will do about that).
  • Adjusting teaching to take account of the results of evidence gained through assessment (for example, using different teaching strategies to ‘re-teach’ missed concepts).
  • Recognising the influence of assessment on the motivation and self-esteem of pupils, both of which crucially affect learning.

Data embedded – achievement focussed

Assessment at Babinda P-12 State School occurs at least every five weeks because we believe regular reviews provide opportunities to celebrate success as well as calibrate or adjust strategies where required. Furthermore, we believe ongoing improvement is most likely to be maintained when the school community, teachers, teacher aides, parents, students and school leaders, regularly review student performance data and progress towards the intended learning standards and benchmarks. This level of frequency and rigor at our school ensures that learning improvement is not left to chance.

At Babinda P-12 State School we regularly report to parents about student improvement and regularly discuss student benchmark achievement for individual students and across the classes, year levels and school through our developing performance processes, principal performance discussions, data displays and presentations

For further information about procedures relating to examinations and other assessments - see our Quick guide to assessment (PDF, 550 KB) or Assessment policy (PDF, 251 KB) and for information about our standards and expectations please see our FNQ school benchmarks and standards (PDF, 189 KB).