At Babinda P-12 State School, we believe sport plays an integral part in providing a well-rounded education. Each year level from prep to year 12 enjoys the support, expert knowledge and training of specialist physical education teachers and the option of participating in expert coaching programs.

In addition to our swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals, many of our students represent the school at district, peninsula and state levels. Our track record of performance and participation at these levels is impressive for a school our size.

Our school-wide sport programs build overall health and well-being, as well as enhancing co-ordination and skills development. Our sport teaches students how to co-operate and work with others to achieve a common goal, by setting and achieving personal goals, building a sense of fair play and adherence to rules, learning how to both win and lose graciously and learning how to overcome disappointments.

Arts and music

From our students’ earliest years, we seek to develop an enthusiasm and love of artistic and musical expression. Beginning in prep, our students explore concepts
and styles in a fun, no-pressure environment. Academic music is studied across the primary school and visual art continues into secondary as an elective. Across the school, instrumental music is an opportunity available to all students with expert lessons provided for students.

Students also have a vast number of opportunities to showcase their talents, which we encourage students to do particularly within the wider community.

Public speaking and debating

Students from Babinda P-12 State School compete regularly in both public speaking and debating competitions, with teachers providing coaching designed to develop a student's individual communication skills and performance techniques. Emphasis is placed on correct breathing for speech and clear enunciation as well as thorough preparation to enable students to develop clarity and confidence.

Culture and citizenship

Participation in cultural activities helps build a tight-knit community, develop school loyalty and friendships, as well as giving individuals a deeper personal
understanding and life-long skills. Our students participate in a wide range of cultural activities from involvement with NAIDOC celebrations to a heavy involvement in the towns ANZAC day commemorations and Harvest festival. As a school our students are actively involved in the community of Babinda through various curriculum related activities such as hospitality visits, film and television awards, town visits as well as obviously employment and work experience placements. We encourage our students to be active members of the wider community and support their involvement through our cultural awards at presentation night.

Higher order thinking

Teachers make a greater positive difference to student achievement when they emphasise understanding and higher order thinking. The teaching at Babinda P-12 State School moves beyond basic communication or sharing of knowledge to complex construction of knowledge. We believe an inquiry approach that incorporates the use of higher order questioning has the capacity to shift attention and focus beyond basic skills to key aspects of higher order thinking.

At our school we fuel higher order thinking through both normal class work as well as by encouraging our students to take part in competitions that promote higher
order thinking and academic excellence. These competitions like titration competitions, tournament of the minds and optiminds involve the transformation of information and ideas. Students are asked to combine facts and ideas in these competitions and synthesise, generalise, explain, hypothesise or arrive at conclusions or interpretations.

Last reviewed 24 February 2020
Last updated 24 February 2020